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Hello…My name is Joe…and I work…in…a-music-factory!

My wife Nancy and I own a very successful local station in Bloomsburg. News Radio 930 WHLM AM serves Bloomsburg, Berwick and Danville. It’s a local station that does all things local: news, sports, weather, local commentary and local interviews. There is no question that we are a small town radio station, and some may think it’s a bit “hokey,” especially when we broadcast local parades over the air!

An opportunity came our way to buy an FM station that reaches into places like Wilkes-Barre and Hazelton in addition to Bloomsburg, Berwick and Danville. Our idea was, that if we could take an AM station and make it successful by being local, why couldn’t we do the same thing with an FM station.

So, we started to research the local area. And, you told us that radio stations talk too much, don’t play enough music, and insult you with too many loud and obnoxious commercials and silly radio contests. Simply put, “big brother broadcasting,” Clear Channel, Citadel, Entercom, Max Media and the like, were not filling your needs.

The first thing we did was to eliminate all non-essential DJ talk. Then we yanked all contests and had to say goodbye to former WKAB clients wanting to whore up 103.5 with self-serving promotions, contests and extraneous mumbo jumbo.

Today we strictly limit the commercial content to allow us to play a lot of music. And, our new client base, “gets it.” We have clients lined up to sponsor commercial free hours of music. Our new client base understands that if we give the listener what they want then in return they give back to the sponsor.

Make no mistake…if it were not for our commercial sponsors, we would not be able to play commercial free hours of music. As a matter of fact, we would not be in business with out our clients. Commercials are a good thing when properly balanced and showcased within a quality product.

In the morning, we do a different thing. While music remains priority one, we mix-in the time, weather, news-in-a-nutshell and sports in a fashion that doesn’t get in the way of the music. My job is to jump in do what needs to be done and get out of the way of the music.

I grew up listening AM top 40 stations with all the commercials, jingles, and DJ’s talking all over my favorite songs…then FM came along. I was struck by stations like WMMR and WDAS in Philadelphia and WOR and WNEW in New York where by these stations played contemporary music, fewer commercials and a play list that included more than just the top ten songs. WOW.

Like we say here at 103.5…we’re FM radio the way it used to be, with fewer commercials, less talk and more music!

We Promise

At Classic Rock 103.5,

because you listen to us, we promise to listen to you. You can give us feedback anytime with suggestions, complaints, comments or even compliments here.


At 103.5, we NEVER talk over the songs we play. Classic Rock 103.5 hires people who love the music as much as you do, and we do everything we can to make music listening enjoyable for you.

Kind of like satellite radio,

only we don’t send you a bill every month.





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